Precautionary Measures For Moving to Storage Facilities

With an increase in the popularity of self storage facilities, there are also increases in crime. This is very worrying for people who are using facilities in a prime area and who are storing things that are of value. Customers are looking to store with a safe mind and not having to worry about their things getting stolen. This is especially important with more self storage companies deciding to spend money to improve how the facility looks on the outside instead of beefing up internal security. As such, you need to take certain precautionary measures to protect yourself and your items.

Fire safety

Fire safety is the most important precautionary measure although the chances of it happening is quite rare. However, this does not mean that it will not happen. You need to ensure that the facility is well equipped with fire preventive and fire fighting features. Some of these include smoke detectors, fire alarm panel, sufficient fire extinguishers, fire hose reel and automated sprinkler systems. Most importantly, the doors or shutters to your unit should most ideally be fire resistant. Even with all these measures in place, you need to make your own measures. One good way is to keep at least one fire extinguisher in your unit in the event of a fire outbreak and you are in the unit to protect yourself.


Security features are also important in a self storage facility. You need to know that your items are safe and sound in the hands of the unit and you can sleep without any worries every night. You may even be storing things that are high in sentimental value. How secured is the facility? Do they restrict people from accessing or they simply do not bother? Where are the access points to the facility and are they located in a secluded part or a place with high traffic. Do they have security guards doing patrol and are there sufficient CCTV located throughout the facility? Some units have biometric access which are even better in combating external crime. However, internal crime also needs to be defended against. Make sure that only you have the key to your unit and no one else is able to access it for any reason. Make sure that the door to your unit is in decent condition as well. It is easy to defend against external theft but not internal ones. If possible, you should always use your own lock for added security.


Even with all your precautionary measures, accidents or thefts can still happen and you will definitely be on the losing end. You need something to cover these losses and protect yourself as well. This is where insurance comes in. There are various self storage insurance policies out there which helps to cover some of your losses in the event of a theft or fire outbreak.

Make sure that you take precautionary measures on your own instead of totally relying on the self storage facility to protect you. After all, what you are storing may mean the world to you but mean nothing to the storage providers.