Why You Should Use Cantilever Racking

If you have ever been into a home improvement store looking for anything, you may have noticed cantilever racking. Usually it is lining the walls in the back of the store. You may have noticed it because it is the shelving system of choice for materials that are too long to be stored on pallet racks such as lumber or piping. It is also sometimes used for the storage of components of furniture and any number of other items. It usually takes up a very large section of the store which fills several purposes. It safely holds these items in place and showcases them in a very big way. It makes taking things down for customers or putting things away fast and easy.

Cantilever storage is an often-overlooked need in storage businesses. When you as a business owner get something that a normal shelve cannot hold you must be open to another storage system. An example of a cantilever that uses the same principles that you might have in your home are the folding trays in luggage or tool boxes.

A cantilever is a beam supported on only one end. The beam carries the load to the support where it is resisted by “moment of force” and “sheer stress” allowing for overhang without external bracing. Cantilever racking works by using arms that are anchored on one end to the racking column and then stick out at a slightly higher angle than horizontal to prevent the items from falling off. It is braced in the back, not the front and it has over hang.

While cantilever shelves may look unsafe they are extremely strong and safe. The components are made of both rolled and structural steel. These racking systems are actually a version of the same pallet racking systems you already use for items that you would have a problem storing on a normal pallet. Making sure that you have a cantilever rack system in your warehouse, store, or storage facility allows you to meet all of the needs of your customers and your business satisfactorily. This storage racking system is also reusable. You do not need to reinstall it over and over. Using cantilever racking, whatever your need for them is, will increase your efficiency and storage space.

Make sure that when you start buying a cantilever racking system you check for quality, especially if you are planning on storing heavy things such as lumber on them. Higher quality materials are going to cost more, but an investment in cantilever racking is an investment in your business. Choose a reputable racking manufacturer and do not buy a second-hand cantilever racking system. Second hand systems have already been used over and over probably more than shortening their life span. For safety and quality choose a brand new system. If you have to go with used cantilever racking systems.