Three Reasons Why Home Alarm Systems Fail

Three Reasons Why Home Alarm Systems Fail

Every year, there are millions of homes and commercial buildings that are being burglarized. Believe it or not, intruders are now part of our society now that burglary has become an optional career for people who have criminal minds. Home appliances, laptops, mobile phones, and jewelries are just few of the items which interests burglars since those can be easily converted to cash.

This might sound weird but nearly half of the burglary victims have their home Alarm Systems installed. And it’s even weirder that there are some victims who push the blame on their home alarm security systems, which, is basically not true. As a matter of fact, authorities have seen various reasons why break-ins occur even to homes that already have security alarm security systems. This article will discuss the three main reasons why burglar alarm security systems fail. This article will also teach you all the things that you need to do in order to secure your valuables.


The top reason why most Alarm Systems fail to do their job is because the home owners forgot to arm them. This is not a joke. This really happens to most of them. And since burglars today are skilled and intelligent, they can easily determine if the alarm is disarmed or if it fake. This then makes it easy for them to break inside!


Alarm Systems won’t be able to work effectively once they are not installed properly. And again, the problem is not because of the ineffectiveness of the alarm systems for homes. Even if you are using the best home alarm security system, it will still be useless if you fail to install them properly. To avoid this, the best thing you should do when installing an alarm system is to remember that they are not just display items. You won’t be able to scare burglars away by just exposing the alarms. They’ll just see it as an opportunity to gain access. Never install an alarm system near the windows because burglars can find ways in order to disarm it.


It isn’t recommended to install the control panel of the alarm near the siren. This is because if an intruder has successfully gained access to your house and the alarm was activated, the intruder will most likely follow where the sound is coming from. If he sees the control panel is just below the siren, then he can easily shut the alarm off. Placing the control panel near the siren is completely wrong.