How To Install Garden Decking

Contrary to popular belief, installing a deck is not complicated. Yes, you’ll need to break a sweat, but it’s quite possible to install decking by following a series of simple steps. This article will point out the seven steps you should follow if you are interested in embarking on this DIY adventure.

1. Demarcate the building area

The first step in decking installation is to demarcate the area. This is easily done with some string or wool. However, you must double check the marking is square or rectangular with 90 degree angles. One cannot begin building or fitting deck if the lines are skew. This step is vital. Not only does it specify where the deck will be positioned but also where you’ll be digging your post holes.

2. Removing the turf

This step is the simplest, however it’s where the manual labor begins. It’s time to remove turf and debris in the demarcated area. It’s important to ensure no turf will lie underneath your deck as this may undermine your foundations. Many decking specialists add a layer of tarpaulin under the fixture too.

Please note that turf is also known as sod in certain countries.

3. Attach a ledger

After digging up the turf you’ll need to attach a ledger to the house. It is imperative you do this so as to assure that the deck will be level with the house. Furthermore, the ledger must be attached at the height you wish the deck floor to be.

4. Doing some digging

Once you have prepared the area it is time to do some digging. Dig the post holes, which are marked by the string, to a minimum of 600 mm (or 24 inches) deep. Once the post holes are dug, pour concrete into the holes and ensure they are level! It should be noted that post hole borers can be purchased online and at hardware stores in the event you’d rather not dig.

5. Securing the height

Once the concrete has set secure a beam on each post to the height at which you want to the deck floor. Build a box frame around the demarcated area before proceeding to the next step.

6. Installing the joists

This step involves consolidating your frame by installing joists. The joist can be attached to the ledger board with joist hangers.

7. Putting on the deck

Finally, install the decking on top of the frame. Install your first decking panel on the edge of the frame. It is important to space the deck precisely, fixing each in place with two screws.

With decking each step is as important as the next. The smallest error can compound, so precision is a must. With patience and due diligence, these 7 steps can be followed by any DIYer, irrespective of their experience.