Tips for Conserving That Precious Commodity – Water

Tips for Conserving That Precious Commodity – Water

Water is a valued commodity.

Whether we live on the coastal fringe or in country areas, we all know that there are long, dry periods when our city and town dams struggle to keep up with demand.

So how can we conserve water?

Conserving water as best we can means the water we do have will last longer through these dry spells.

For most of us it’s just a matter of changing our habits so that our precious water doesn’t needlessly run down the drain.

Research shows that we are all becoming more aware of conserving water, but there is still so much more we can do.

Ways to conserve water:

1) Stop and think about water. By doing this, we can save litres of water each day as we go about our business and household chores.

2) Turn the tap OFF while brushing your teeth. You only need the tap to rinse. If the water is running while you are actually brushing your teeth, litres of water are running down the drain that needn’t be.

3) Save the cold water that comes out of the tap while you are waiting for the hot water to kick in. You wouldn’t believe how much water is wasted doing this. Instead, use this cold water to refill water jugs in the fridge, to water the plants or wash the car.

4) Set a timer when having a shower. Many of us love to relax in the shower, letting the water run off our skin and washing away our cares. But if you think about conserving water while having a shower, you’ll be surprised at how quick you can be. The result – you are still clean, but have saved litres of water – and that’s great for the environment.

5) Check for water leaks. Keep an eye on your water metre. If you notice your water metre count has gone up during a period when you haven’t used any water, you know you have a leak. Check all your taps. It’s probably just a case of fixing a tap washer.

6) Look at recycling options. There are many ways you can recycle water to conserve it. Reuse water from the laundry on your garden. Collect excess water by placing a bucket in the shower. You can reuse this water for cleaning the bathroom, giving the children or dog a bath or watering the garden.

7) Install a rainwater tank. By doing this, you will help take the pressure off the town supply so that during a long, dry spell, you can be that much more self sufficient.

Water is essential for our survival and there are many products available to help us conserve it. Like slow flow shower heads, water-free car cleaning products and shower timers – most of which are provided by local councils.

There is plenty of information on water conservation and recycling and it’s up to all of us to get educated so that we can do our bit to save this most precious commodity – one we cannot live without.