The Most Common Kitchen Design Flaws to Steer Clear Of

The kitchen is probably the busiest place in every household. This is the place where countless meals are lovingly prepared throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner and even just a quick bite to snack on. It’s an intimate place where a lot of family conversations happen and it’s also a great place to socialize with really close friends. In short, a lot of action happens here.

Moments spent with family and loved ones are very special and it’s also one of the main reasons why we should make our kitchen conducive yet still a functional place to work on, preparing food as well as to be able to spend moments sharing meals and laughter in them. Creating a perfect kitchen environment could be a tough challenge but being aware of the most common pitfalls in kitchen design could help make it an easier one.

There are several most common mistakes that architects and kitchen designers warn about. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Obstructing access to the kitchen triangle – For those who are unfamiliar with this term, the “kitchen triangle” actually refers to your sink, your stove and your refrigerator. This is obviously the area where most of the kitchen activities happen with the sink seeing most of the action. This layout should be created with careful planning so that anybody working inside the kitchen should have easy and unobstructed access to these three points.

Wasting storage space – For people who are fond of working in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure you have observed that it definitely contains a lot of oddly shaped kitchen gadgets and stuff that unfortunately eats up a lot of your very important kitchen space. This aspect of kitchen planning should be laid out in a way that you have a place for everything and have easy access to them at the same time.

There is very little chance for error when it comes to maximizing kitchen space. It’s a consolation to know though that making a few miscalculations here and there is pretty much acceptable since a huge percentage (about 85-90%) of all kitchen designs do have some minor flaws when it comes to utilizing and maximizing the all important kitchen workspace.

Poor choice of lighting and lighting fixtures – It’s an absolute fact that, of all the rooms in your house that require the need for adequate and strategically placed lighting, the kitchen would be on top of the list. Aside from enhancing your kitchen’s ambiance, safety is the number one reason why choosing the best lighting fixtures and strategic installation should be included in the planning phase of your kitchen building project.

Never forget to install adequate ventilation – There’s no better way to get rid of unwanted kitchen odor than providing ample ventilation. If you yourself have experienced walking into someone’s home and still be able to tell what last night’s dinner was because of the lingering odor that it left behind, you would realize the significance of installing adequate ventilation in your kitchen.

Aside from installing range hoods to help filter the scent of whatever you’re cooking, it is important that you also invest in ventilation fixtures such as exhaust fans that should as much as possible be placed in strategic locations to help improve the air quality in your kitchen.