Patio Heaters That Fit Your Love of Outdoor Living

Patio Heaters That Fit Your Love of Outdoor Living

Patio heaters, also known as umbrella or mushroom heaters, are heaters designed for outdoor use. They are gaining more popularity since many people these days enjoy spending time in their backyards or patios. They are also usually used in bars and restaurants which have tables outside. Patio heaters allows individuals to stay outdoors even during cold weathers. However, some people are concerned that heaters might bring negative effects to the environment.

Patio heaters come in different styles and sizes. Heaters either use either LPG or propane to provide heat. The LPG or propane is burned and the flames are directed to a metal screen where the heat is radiated in a circular pattern. Some burners have a reflector on top to prevent heat from escaping upwards. There are many stores and online shops selling all kinds of heaters for outdoor use. Because of the use of propane or LPG gas, some environmentalists are concerned however many people still continue to use heaters especially during the colder months.

Propane Heaters

There are several kinds of outdoor heaters to choose from. Propane heaters are one of the most common. As the name implies, this kind is powered by propane gas. One of the benefits of propane heaters is that they are very easy to assemble. In addition, they also come with a safety tilt switch. This device can prevent fire hazards because it automatically turns off the gas when the propane heater reaches 18 degrees or higher. Another advantage of propane heaters is that they can survive most weather conditions and they are also low maintenance. Propane heaters are usually used for barbecue parties and other gatherings.

Electric Heaters

Another popular choice is the electric heater which is also known as radiant patio heater. This kind of device does not use wood. Instead, it relies on electricity to provide the needed heat by using the shortwave heating technology. It also has some benefits. One of them is that it can be permanently installed. Just like the propane heater, it is also low maintenance. Another advantage is that it can quickly warm up people and objects near it. A new kind of electric heater is the Infrared patio heaters which uses grid electricity. Manufacturers claim that this type of heater is environmental friendly.

Portable Patio Heaters

Portable patio heaters are also popular especially among those who travel a lot since they can bring their own heaters any where they go. Portable heaters are fueled either by natural gas, propane gas or electricity. Portable heaters have different styles: mobile, tabletop, commercial, freestanding, ground mount and ceiling or wall mount. They are very beneficial since you can move them inside or outside they house. They are especially useful during the winter season.