How To Kill Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew refers to a type of fungal growth which thrives in damp areas. This is caused by free fungal spores which hangs around in the air, reproduces and thrives in damp conditions found in our homes. Damp walls, carpets, floors and unattended sinks tend to produce ample conditions for their growth. The best way to prevent their growth is to get rid of dampness in our homes.

They are some few precautions undertaken before cleaning. Make sure that the adjacent areas are dry. Wear some protective clothing, gloves and sometimes goggles to prevent direct body contact with fungus. The size of area covered is also essential to consider before cleaning so as to determine whether a professional will be required or not. However the below are ways of cleaning mold and mildew.

Use of chlorine bleach, this is a very effective way of killing them. To use this method pour a cup of bleach to a full bucket of water, wash using a rag or a brush to scrubs the walls, floor and tiles. However you require using it in a well ventilated room and use mask, if fumes affect you.

Spray vinegar directly to the infested area and give it a couple of minutes. Use a brush to clean the area. Then wipe using a dry rug. The vinegar smell should not be a worry as it will vanish within no time.

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide kills the fungus. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray the covered area. Wait for few minutes, wipe with dry cloth.

Baking soda is also another environment friendly way of killing mold and mildew. Baking soda acts as an absorbent of moisture. Pour a quarter of it into a spray bottle with water, spray the surface and wipe it using dry cloth.

The use of both grape seed oil and tea tree oil are also method used to kill mold. Though expensive they are effective. Pour substantial amount of any of them in water and sprinkle the area. Oil will act as inhibitors and therefore chokes the fungus. Scrub the sprayed area using a cloth.

Lastly once you have cleaned all the areas infested you should put effort to prevent a re growth. Painting your walls with anti mold paints, ventilating your house, running the shower fan after bathing and insulating water and utility sinks are methods use to prevent dampness in your home and therefore preventing fungus growth.