Tips on DIY Vinyl Installation

Tips on DIY Vinyl Installation

No one enjoys walking on a rough or uneven floor, especially in bare feet, which is why you should consider the benefits of installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring comes in a number of different designs and colors, and it is also a very hard-wearing and durable material that comes as either a sheet or as tiles.

Installing Vinyl Flooring Yourself

The only major problem with installing this type of flooring is that if done incorrectly, there could very well be a permanent mark visible, however, if installed correctly, you can expect to get up to 30 years worth of wear out of good quality flooring, be it tiles or as a sheet.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

There is a number of different vinyl flooring adhesives to choose from, but they are not all suitable for every vinyl material, which is why it is important that you take the time to understand that you are buying the right one.

Subfloor Preparation

Before you begin to install the vinyl flooring, you will need to make sure that the subsurface is smooth and clean, as this will help to prevent tearing and dents to the vinyl material. With a concrete floor, you need to fill in any uneven areas or holes with a patching compound. You should mix the compound so that it has the consistency of mayonnaise, and then spread it evenly with a trowel before leaving it to harden.

Fitting the Vinyl

As we mentioned above, choosing the right adhesive is vital in order to successfully install some vinyl flooring. However, some more modern vinyl materials will come with adhesive already on the underside of the tiles or sheet, and you will simply need to remove the backing paper before placing the flooring in position. If you are installing a continuous sheet of vinyl, rather than individual tiles, you will need to make sure that the sheet has been cut to the right size and dimensions of the floor, with a little bit extra. You can then install the flooring, and trim the excess from the edges, as well as making cuts to fit corners where necessary.


The installation of a vinyl floor can seem a little bit daunting, but so long as you are careful and you follow the instructions set out by the manufacturer, there is no reason why you cannot successfully install this type of flooring without hiring a specialist.