The Different Types of Gas Heaters Available for Homes

The Different Types of Gas Heaters Available for Homes

The icy cold winter is here and so is electricity load shedding, whether we like it or not. Every household wants to keep their family warm when the temperatures plummet to single digits, but electrical heaters are not ideal when load shedding occurs. However, gas products offer a reliable alternative for the average household which range from heating, water heating, cooking and lighting solutions.

So how do you decide which gas heater is suitable for your home?

There are a couple of options available such as the Small Heater, Full Body Gas Heater and Cylinder Heater.

The Small Gas Heater weighs 9 kilograms with a dimension size of 600mm in height by 380mm in width and 430mm in depth. It uses a 1.7 kilogram to a 4.5 kilogram gas cylinder. It comes with castors for easy movement. This unit includes a regulator and hose plus 3 panel ceramic tiles that easily conduct the heat. With the auto ignition, you can access 3 heat settings. This heater will comfortably heat up small spaces relatively quickly which will keep your family warm and comfortable. It is suggested that you set it to setting 3 to heat up the room quickly then reduce it to setting 2 or setting 1 to maintain the warmth in the room. Remember to keep the room in which you use the gas heater well ventilated.

The Full Body Gas Heater is a slightly larger unit at 12 kilograms with a dimension size of 770mm in height, 400mm in width and 460mm in depth. It uses a 9 kilogram gas cylinder that can keep your heater burning for a long period. Although it is a large unit, it is easy to move as it comes fitted with castors for this purpose. Like its smaller counterpart, it too has an automatic ignition, 3 panel ceramic tiles and 3 heat settings. It also includes a regulator and hose. This gas heater has a built in oxygen depletion safety pilot system. That means that it will shut off the gas supply to the heater if the oxygen content in the room drops too low. The Full Body Gas Heater is ideal for larger family rooms such as living areas or kitchens and will keep the room constantly warm for your family.

The Cylinder Heater screws directly onto a 1.7 kilogram up to a 6 kilogram gas cylinder and is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, etc. It comes standard with a large ceramic panel that will push out sufficient heat to warm you up when you are outdoors. It is compact and can be packed away easily when travelling.