Six Tips to Choose a Reliable Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

If you are like me you just want repairs or replacement of your air conditioning system in a timely manner by a company who stands behind the product they sell with a decent warranty. The company also needs to conduct themselves in a professional manner and offer a fair price. Some times it seems that the right company might be impossible to find and that it is just lucky if you can locate a good, solid, and reliable company. There are a few simple things to keep in mind that will improve your odds of finding that company whether you located them online or in the phone books.

The first test is to call the company. Look for those who answer in a professional manner. The person should be knowledgeable and ask you specific questions about what your requirements. They should be professional and courteous in their responses. Ask if their service is immediately available.

If so, this could be a clue that they don’t have much work so consider why don’t they?

Is it because they aren’t very good, is it the seasonal dip for your area, or do they simply have an opening due to a cancellation.

Second, how long have they been in business? Older companies with a track record will more likely be around for warranty or after sale service. A quick review in the yellow pages or even better their website often will provide some or all of this information. They often display associations with companies like the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and State licensing on their websites. These can be researched online for most locals.

Third, ask about liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. Are they willing to provide proof of insurance to you? This could prevent costs to you if an accident occurs at your home. Their insurance policy should also include a “release of lien” clause in case the company does not pay their suppliers for any equipment that they install in your home. If a company stalls or is not willing to provide proof of insurance, then they likely are not properly covered or documented and you should avoid involvement with them.

Fourth, Especially when having a system replaced, get a quotation, not an estimate and get it in writing. Quotations are a fixed price for the job, while an estimate can vary the cost at the end. Parts and labor not mentioned in an estimate may be added to the final price adding hundreds or even thousands to what you expected. Ask for a free quote to verify if the company is willing to invest effort to get your business. If they will not then how committed will they be to warranty or follow up services.

Fifth, be sure the company and it’s employees are licensed to operate in your area. License numbers are usually displayed on the companies vehicles and often on their website. The license can usually be verified by the city and state and often any complaints against the company will be available.

Sixth, talk to friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations or warnings about certain companies. Ask the company that you are considering for references that you can call then actually call them to see if they are satisfied customers.

Making the effort to find a solid and dependable air conditioning company should reward you with a positive relationship with a company that you can depend on for proper maintenance and service through out your home owning experience.