Amazing Facts You Should Know About Cork Floors

The many different features found in cork floors make them among the most popular types of flooring materials used today. The best thing about this floor is that it can be used in nearly any kind of building and besides being used for aesthetic purposes, most people love it because it is easy to maintain, easy to repair and very durable. Besides this, there are so many other aspects of this floor that makes it a special and the most ideal choice when looking for basement flooring. Here are top facts about the cork flooring that make it incredibly amazing.

a. The cork is usually derived from the bark of cork oak tree which grows in Mediterranean region. This tree can live for as many as 250 years and the bark can be harvested after every nine years with no damage being caused on the tree. So, if you are an eco-friendly conscious person, you have every reason in the world why you should opt for cork floors.

b. To a certain extent, this kind of floor is resistant to fire and this makes it an ideal choice for use in the basement where there is always a high risk of fire. Should the floor catch fire eventually, you can rest assured that no toxic materials will be emitted by the cork and this makes it very safe for the environment.

c. In case the cork floor is tented, it is possible to repair the affected portion and return it to the original state within some few hours. This is mainly explained by the fact that cork has some topnotch elasticity properties that you can count on and this certainly comes with some amazing benefits.

d. For allergic persons and people with asthma looking for basement flooring that will not aggravate their condition, cork is definitely the best pick of a floor on this ground. This is mainly due to the fact that cork boasts of being resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew. This is mainly due to a certain chemical known as suberin that is usually found at the bark of the tree. In fact, these floors are regarded as hypoallergenic since the floor is usually free from irritants and chemicals that can compromise your health.

e. Cork floors are soft and warm to walk on and this is something that you will really want this type of floor, not just in your basement but all over your house. However, it is important that you are not fooled by this softness associated with the floor. Cork is rated as among the most durable types of flooring products that the market has to offer. Installing a cork floor at your basement is thus an awesome investment that you will never regret.