Quick and Easy Energy Saving Ideas

Quick and Easy Energy Saving Ideas

If you are thinking about home improvements it is a great time to think about energy saving too. If you are looking at replacing or changing an item in your home if you can find a replacement to be more cost effective then you will have achieved more than just home improvement. In the long term you will be paying out smaller bills and it will reduce the running costs for your home.

– You need to think about the heat in your home and how it escapes into the environment. If you have not got sufficient loft insulation then you are paying to warm the local bird’s toes. You also get the benefit in the summer with loft insulation because the heat on your roof is not getting transferred back inside your home.

– Whatever material your walls in your home are built with, having adequate cavity wall insulation is going to save you money; heat will not be escaping out through your walls.

– Your windows also will save you money if you have double glazing. If you have double glazing already it might not be the best option for you to think that they are still giving you adequate protection. Double glazing units are changing and newer models could have better insulation properties than your current windows.

– If your boiler is getting old it might not be performing at its best, make sure that you get it regularly serviced so that you know that it is working at the best of its ability. But there are some really great boilers that have high star rating in energy saving and output.

– Droughts in your home can mean that the energy that you are producing is escaping out of your home. It can be a quick and easy home improvement to add some insulation to a window or door.

– If you are looking at home improvements and you are thinking about purchasing some new appliances make sure that you chose a product that will save you money long term. If it is a washing machine, check that it is not going to cost a lot of money in energy to run.

– When you are re-modelling a room, think of the lighting that you are considering installing. Led light bulbs can save up to 80 % of energy compared to normal bulbs and they look great. Energy saving light no longer means slow warming ugly shaped bulbs.

– When you look down at your feet, make sure that you have some floor insulation, this can save you money. It will stop the heat from your floor going into the ground but it will also stop coldness from the ground seeping into your home.

Saving money in the long term is important it will mean that you are keeping the costs to a minimum and you have thought about the over-all impact that your home is having on the environment that you live in.