Let’s Compare Apples to Apples

Let’s Compare Apples to Apples

Because there are a two choices that you can decide on when you want to install those home security devices on your homes. As well as you want to be secured not only from the actual robbers and thieves but also from people or companies which might give you inadequate services for impossible prices. we have here a list just for you to compare. Take a minute and take note of the differences that these two have and later on you be the judge on which one is better suited to your taste.

Large National Chains The “Free” System

– Not free at all (costs more)

– Free System generally Inadequate

– Hidden Monitoring Fees

– Long Term Contract (3 Year)

– High Early Cancellation Fees

– Salesman

– Pushes Wireless System One Size fits All Approach (More expensive)

– Only “Lease” Equipment

– Special Cancellation Form

– Automatic yearly renewal

– The strategy is to lock in a LONG TERM CONTRACT

Locally Owned Independent Top quality equipment

– At a fair and upfront price (costs less)

– Does not rely on gimmicks

– Monitoring costs less, $10 a month less on average

– Monthly renewal with 30 day Cancellation

– 30 Day Cancellation at no cost

– Trained Technician

– Thoroughly Assesses Your Unique Needs with Flexible Approach (Better value)

– You own your equipment

– 30 day written Cancellation Requiring No Special Form

– 30 day renewals

– The Mission is to earn your trust each and every month

It may seem biased to you but that is all the truth there is. You can’t just expect too much from those free security services that people sell around and installed by self proclaimed technicians without real schooling but just seminar certificates to show. Be safe, be secure and choose only the top services that a real Alarms company can offer.