Crafting a Tractor Shed – Simple Techniques For Constructing A Storage Shed

By crafting a tractor shed you will have a safe place to store your tractor, hay, shavings, feed and other large items that are currently lying scattered around your farm under plastic sheets.

Find a suitable site: After finding a smooth and layered site, start the process by sinking 6×6 piers three feet down in concrete. Weight is a substantial concern, since this floor would need to support the weight of the tractor and maybe an extra ton or so of grass and sundries.

Preparing the ground: Use 2×10 pressure-treated pine floor beams 16″ o.c. with ¾” tongue and groove plywood specifically for the floor. In order to add more safety, we can make two layers for the floor. This is usually only done for the place that comes directly under the wheels of the tractor. If you want you can also give it to the whole area of the shed. The whole project will require 12 piers in total, with 4 on each end and 4 in the middle. This procedure basically creates two 12 foot sheds linked together. One whole side of the shed is resting right on the concrete mass on the ground for its whole length on that side where the tractor is parked, so we have an additional level of safety.

Constructing walls: Use 24″ o.c. 2x4s covered with 7/16″ outside grade tongue and groove t-111 for crafting the walls of the tractor shed. The beams are 2 X 8s 16″o.c. with ½” plywood covering and 25 year asphalt silts. Be sure about the size of the tractor door as there is a chance that it can cause some problem later. Take proper dimensions of the tractor including its bucket. If the bucket is approximately 6 feet wide, then the door should be about 8 feet wide. Don’t make two four-feet wide double doors, as these would be problematic to suspend. In its place, go for a 7′ 6″ sliding door.

Making the ramp: This is constructed using 2 x 8 PT pine on 16″ centers suspended with galvanized beam hangers and covered with ¾” pressure treated pine. This will support the weight of the tractor when its moving in and out.

Painting the shed: After treating it with other primers, 2 coats of paint must be applied on the shed. Make 8 shed windows by cutting the walls of shed. Go for 18″ X 27″ single suspended, flush supported, aluminum shed windows. This whole arrangement will need you to put in an additional stud per window to appropriately mount it. The eight additional studs will support some additional weight. After this, give two coats of latex floor paint in the interior of the shed and place a few shelves between the studs. This is how a nice tractor shed is crafted. The tractor easily fits in this shed, and still has sufficient space for keeping hay and other items.