5 Steps You Must Take Today To Ensure Your Rugs Aren’t Ruined

There are a lot of reasons why it’s a smart thing to own area rugs or carpets in your home. These not provide comfort and warmth, but also act a decorative furnishing with different patterns, colours and textures.

Area rugs can also be used as an art for the floor, and can make a design that dictates where to keep furniture and defines areas. However, the area rugs will be ruined, if you fail to give them proper care on a regular basis.

Let’s take a look at 5 things you need to avoid as these can ruin your area rugs.

1. Don’t Leave The Rug In Direct Sunlight

A room filled with bright sunlight is an excellent thing for different reasons, yet one negative thing about it is that it can fade your upholstered furniture and floor coverings faster than you can imagine. This is a difficult thing to manage, so the most ideal approach to fight against the harmful rays of the sun is to close the curtains during the noon or at the time when sunlight enters the room the most.

2. Don’t Rotate The Rug

Floor coverings should be turned for a couple reasons. First reason is related to the amount of light that directly strikes it. If an area of the rug is in the sun and the remaining area isn’t, then you have to rotate on regular intervals so that one side doesn’t get fade more than another. Rotating a floor covering at regular intervals ensures that it remains in pristine condition.

3. Don’t Vacuum It

The best protection is a good action taken beforehand. Dusts particles, foods bits etc. – all these things accumulate in your carpet and make it appear soiled and worn. The solution is to not give them a chance to assemble in any case, and the best approach to do that is to vacuum routinely.

4. Use A Rug Pad

It’s shocking to know that many individuals don’t use carpet pads. Most people don’t realise the importance of having pads under the rugs. One benefit is that they protect your carpet from slipping, and pads additionally permit your floor covering to breathe properly, automatically extending its life. Elastic backed rugs can fade your floor’s colour, and even cause some staining, so to ensure your floor underneath the carpet stays in a good condition utilise a rubber pad.

5. Don’t Allow Stains To Settle

Allowing stains to settle is an extremely bad idea, of where the spill happens. Don’t forget to blot any fluid spills immediately and later do a spot clean. If it’s bigger spill, then you should blot it and take it to a carpet cleaning company for professional washing. If you’re cleaning the rug yourself, then read the instructions of the manufacturer.